Fall 2017

Topic Submission:

List of Special Topics -- Email amehta06@live.unc.edu or a.shiddapur@live.unc.edu to claim a topic 

Traditional Research Article Submission

List of Previous Research Professors

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Important Documents:

List of Previous Articles: Check this list before submitting your topic to see if an article has been written about it recently. Search by researcher name or key word.

Brainstorming Workshop Powerpoint: Information on how to find a topic, how to research information for your article, tips for interviews and finding full text papers, etc.

Interviewing and Writing Powerpoint: Powerpoint from the second half of Workshop #1.

Writing Workshop Powerpoint: Information on writing dos/donts, style, tone, citations, etc.

Editing Powerpoint: Powerpoint from the second half of Workshop #2. Includes writing and editing tips.

Checklists for First and Second Drafts: Requirements for first and second drafts for the print publication.

Citation Guide: Information on how to cite articles and how to format reference section.

Image caption and citation style guide

How to Find Images: Details the process for obtaining permissions and rights for online images (primarily from Science and Nature)

Blogging guidelines

Example Articles: #’s 1 and 2 could be improved, #3 is exemplary

Application Documents

Content Editor Application Documents:

Biology Article To Edit

Chemistry Article To Edit

Physics Article To Edit

Copy Editor Application Document:

Article for Copy Editing