The Carolina Scientific Editorial Board

Get to know the faces behind the pages.


- Editors-in-Chief -

Ami Shiddapur

Ami is a senior pursuing a BS in Biology with a Chemistry minor. She has previously served as an Associate and Design Editor for Carolina Scientific. When not working on the magazine, she conducts neuroscience research in the Kash Lab. She also enjoys drinking bubble tea and watching sci-fi movies.  

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Aakash Mehta

Aakash is a senior double-majoring in Environmental Health and Biology. Previously, he worked as an associate editor and contributed two articles to the magazine. He is a student ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Research, and a member of UNC's professional chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma. Aakash conducts biochemistry research in the Pielak Lab at UNC, as well as research on respiratory injury and disease at the National Institute of Environmental Health. In his free time, he enjoys both watching and playing sports.

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- Editors -


Hannah Jaggers

Associate Editor

Hannah is a senior majoring in biology and double minoring in chemistry and public policy. She has previously worked as a staff writer for Carolina Scientific for two years. Hannah works in Dr. Robinson’s lab studying the effects of adolescent binge drinking. She also serves as a peer mentor for an anatomy and physiology class and volunteers for a non-profit organization called A Helping Hand. She loves to read, write, and spend time with friends.

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Adesh Ranganna

Copy Editor

Adesh is a junior pursuing a BSPH in Nutrition and a BA in public policy. He contributed to CS previously as a staff writer and copy editor. He works as a Resident Advisor in Kenan Community, and serves as treasurer for Flourish, a SHAC program dedicated to
promoting nutritional education. In his free time, Adesh enjoys table tennis, hiking, and reading. 

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Akshay Sankar

Associate Editor

Akshay is a junior majoring in biostatistics and chemistry. He contributed to CS previously as a staff writer. His interests include table tennis, watching sports, and reading.

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Alexandra Corbett

Associate Editor and Design Editor

Alexandra is a sophomore pursuing a BS in biochemistry. She previously wrote, illustrated, designed, and copy edited for two issues of Carolina Scientific. She is a volunteer with Hospice House, and is involved in the campus's creative writing and philosophy clubs. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, art, and sewing an unreasonable number of upside down Star Wars pajamas. 

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Marwan Hawari

Online Content Editor

Marwan is a junior double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Biology. He conducts research in the biology department at UNC and has also worked in an HIV dynamics lab at the National Cancer Institute. Marwan serves on the staff for JOURney, the UNC Journal of Undergraduate Research, as well. In his free time, Marwan likes watching movies and playing table tennis.

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Richard Chen

Associate Editor

Richard is a junior double majoring in Quantitative Biology and Chemistry. He contributed to CS previously as a staff writer. Richard Plays for the UNC Ice Hockey team and works for the Maddox Lab studying cytoskeletal dynamics in cell division. His other interests include playing inline hockey, reading, and weightlifting.

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Elizabeth  Smith

Online Content Editor and Treasurer

Elizabeth is a junior physics (BS) major. She originally joined the CS team as a staff writer. She is a peer tutor for physics, math, and Chinese courses, and is involved in astrophysics research. She also volunteers and serves as Conference Chair for HOSA. Her hobbies include hanging out with her pug, going to amusement parks, and playing video games.

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Julianne Yuziuk

Design Editor

Julianne is a senior majoring in chemistry with minors in biology and Japanese. She was a copy editor primarily, but found her true passion as an illustrator and has had five illustrations published.  She performs gene therapy and virology research in the Asokan Lab, volunteers in UNC's Department of Periodontology, assists in SNDA CAARE Clinics in Durham, and mentors in the chemistry department.  In her free time, Julianne loves drawing, photography, videography, practicing piano, and playing with her five cats at home.

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Janet  Yan

Associate Editor


Janet is a junior pursuing a BSPH in biostatistics. She contributed to CS previously as a staff writer. She is a member of Flying Silk, a traditional Chinese dance group at UNC. Her interests include photography, traveling, and reading. 

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Esther Kwon

Design Editor

Esther is a junior majoring in biology (BS) with a minor in chemistry. She previously wrote for one
Carolina Scientific issue and designed for two issues. She also does research in the Duronio Lab and is in
SUCCEED and Enrich. Her other interests include drawing, catching up on TV shows and participating in
Escape Rooms with friends.

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Sara Edwards

Associate Editor

Sara is a senior in the Environment and Science Communication dual degree program studying environmental studies with a minor in marine sciences. She has contributed to the Carolina Scientific since her first year at UNC and has written on topics ranging from technology to coral reefs. Sara works as an usher for Carolina Performing Arts as well as a communications intern for the Coastal Resilience Center. You can also catch her at Peer Tutoring on Wednesday nights. Her other interests include dancing with Blank Canvas Dance Company, volunteering with Carolina WISE, training for a mini triathlon, and learning to knit.

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