Killing Two Burdens with One Self-Sufficient Device

By: Pooja Ravindran, GreenBlogger

We all can elaborate in heavy detail that one dream job that we wish we could pursue, but know will not happen in this mortal life. For me, folks, it would be being paid lots of money to go around the world and talk to the scientists and researchers that are bringing my dream- sustainable global development and progress- to reality, and share it with the world. Essentially, being a Carolina Scientific blogger but with the money and traveling and perks of the job. Well, we can’t always get what we want (thanks, Rolling Stones) which is why I want to simulate my contributions to this blog on this idealistic model and give you a taste of the sustainability-related goings-on in the lab and the field. Today’s topic is fuel from waste- without the bad byproducts.

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